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Join us at our Banana Booth during the Ravalli County Fair, August 27 – 30.  Yummy hand dipped banana coated in dark chocolate and rolled in a peanuts, sprinkles or coconut. 

Did you miss Kiss the Pig(my goat) at Daly Days this year?  Here is a recap of the excitement!  Click here to watch the fun!
chosn2pkwebstoreLearn more about human trafficking and how it impacts our small communities.  Contact SI Hamilton if you would like to host a viewing of the film “Chosen” to learn what trafficking is and how you can help prevent our children from becoming victims.  Send an e-mail to sihamilton@soroptimist.net for more information.

photo by Merle Ann Loman, A Montana View

photo by Merle Ann Loman, A Montana View

Want to join us?  Click here for our 2014-15 meeting schedule

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